Blue Radical P-01 for Periodontal disease from Japan

The world’s first one was launched in 2024.

Blue Radical-P01 from Luke corporation in Japan is the first periodontal disease treatment device to be approved in the Japanese clinical trial. Although tartar removers with ultrasonic have existed in the past, periodontal disease treatment device have not.

This device, which took 17 years to develop and passed the strict Japanese clinical trial, can kill 99.9% of bacteria in the periodontal pockets.

It will be a savior for teeth that are said to have to be extracted.

This disinfection method using free radicals can kill only bacteria without harming the human tissue.And it doesn’t create resistant bacteria. Even more, it is remarkable that it can penetrate inside the biofilm and destroy it.

We Oiso Dental Office is the first clinic in the world where the device was installed.